‘Century Project’ is irrational: Green movement

Three organisations have released a joint press statement which is critical of the ‘Century Project’ pipeline.

The Biologists Association, Baraka Cultural Centre and the Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association yesterday, issued a joint press release regarding the Turkish funded project that will pipe water from Turkey to the TRNC.

The groups say that they are concerned about the environmental impact of the project and add that, for example, the water purifying project which recycled waste water at Haspolat, helped to solve the water shortage problem.

Characterising the ‘Century Project’ as irrational, the statement said that the TRNC needed to use its own water wisely by creating a sound water management policy. It asks if water continues to be wasted despite the new water supply from Turkey, would it really cure the country’s problems. Currently there is no law in place to manage water usage.

The statement goes on to say that transporting water across from Turkey is a commercial venture and would drastically increase the cost of water to consumers.

Finally the third concern is that the fact the Turkey is bringing the water across to the TRNC drastically diminishes the TRNC’s independence.


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