Century Water Project land phase will complete on time

Turkish Minister for Forestry and Water Works, Veysel Eroglu, speaking on Bayrak television on Saturday said that the water project for the TRNC, was expected to be completed by 7th March, on time as promised. “The land phase of the project is about to be completed and the manufacturing of the underwater pipes have finished but workings are continuing. The completion date for the sea phase of the project is September 2014 but we will persuade the contractor firm to complete this by 20th July”, the Turkish Minister said. The pipe laying was delayed last year because of adverse sea conditions.

According to the agreement, water will be transported by undersea pipes from the Turkish mainland to Gecitkoy. Following inspections, a decision has been made to build a purification and distribution plant.

Eroglu noted that the water transfer project foresees 75 million cubic meters of drinking and agricultural water coming to the TRNC via Turkey and gave the good news that works had begun for the water to be extended to the Mesaoria and Guzelyurt.

“The area around the Gecitkoy reservoir will be a green forest. An area for our Turkish Cypriot bothers to spend some time in and enjoy themselves”, said the Turkish Minister and added that they will continue to work on projects that will aid the progress of the TRNC. “Turkey is always by the side of the TRNC”, Eroglu concluded.

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