Chaos reigns in Turkish Parliament

Disagreement over legislation to curb the powers of the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) led to an outbreak of physical violence in the Turkish Parliament on Saturday.

The President of the Professional Association of Judges and Prosecutors who deemed the proposed bill as unconstitutional, was the recipient of a flying kick from AKP Member of Parliament, Zeyid Aslan.

However, Prime Minister Erdogan refused to make any criticism of the physical attack and instead blamed “outsiders” for the parliamentary fracas.

“It is wrong that people come from outside to Parliament’s commission’s work to make a speech without having any competence. First, you don’t have the competence to make a speech there. 

Besides, who do you think you are? Know your place,” the prime minister said yesterday, clearly in reference to President Omer Eminagaoglu of the Judges and Prosecutors Union (YARSAV), while speaking to the press. Eroglu was inspecting the building site of the controversial Camlica Hill mosque in Istanbul.

During the heated debate over the contentious government bill which is intended to give the AKP more control over the judiciary, members threw folders and plastic bottles at each other while an iPad went flying through the air.

The opposition party, CHP meanwhile, appealed to the Parliamentary Speaker’s Office asking for an action against Aslan, arguing that his physical attack had harmed Parliament’s standing in the public eye to such an extent that it would be difficult to regain its reputation.

The government’s controversial bill comes in the midst a sweeping purge of the police department following a major corruption investigation and a feud with the judiciary over the legal handling of that investigation.

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