Chief negotiator Ozersay hopeful about negotiations

Kudret Ozersay, the recently appointed chief negotiator for the Turkish Cypriots has said that the joint declaration provides the foundations upon which fruitful negotiations could be developed.

He went on to say that this framework will help both sides construct a more substantial dialogue with each other. He added that there was a new attitude perceived in the Greek Cypriots which was an important development that would foster stronger cooperation between both sides.

Ozersay said that the negotiations will continue from the point where they had been left and that there are issues on which the sides have agreed. He noted that agreement has not been reached on some core issues and added that these issues will be put onto the table and be negotiated one by one. Ozersay argued that give and take is necessary to gain an accord on these issues.

He concluded that the Turkish Cypriots would do their utmost to achieve a solution and added that he felt hopeful about the process.

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