Children of Mixed Marriages Held Hostage to Politics

Turkish Cypriot teachers’ union KTOS has said that it has met ombudswoman Maria Stylianou Lottides to discuss the problems encountered by children of mixed marriages, living in the north who have applied for Cyprus identity cards and have been refused by the state.

North Cyprus News - South Cyprus ID cardHead of KTOS Sener Elcil told the ombudswoman that a great number of children living in the north who have only one Turkish Cypriot parent are being refused citizenship by the Republic of Cyprus.

This was a violation of the Constitution, said Elcil. He added that since 1974 around 17,000 mixed marriages have taken place in the north.

Recently, state services in the south have even refused to accept applications for citizenship of the RoC. They had been return, said Elcil by the authorities who had not bothered to check the details of the parent who is not Turkish Cypriot.

The leader of the Turkish Cypriot teachers union said that currently, there are thousands of children with one Turkish Cypriot parent and the other coming from a non-EU country, whose applications to receive the RoC ID card and passport are pending.

They are being held hostage in a political situation, he said and this violated their human rights..

Last week, the KTOS delegation, had asked for information on the matter and on relevant court decisions.

Elcil also argued that granting RoC citizenship to children of mixed marriages would help to counter voices in the north defending the permanent partition of Cyprus.

Cyprus Mail

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