Children’s Education 50 Years Out of Date

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Friday, 5 August, 2022

Since the establishment of the TRNC, there has been no strategic planning in education, no budget has been allocated to schools, and there have been schools that have been demolished or are on the verge of collapse because they have not been maintained since 1974, Kibris Postasi reports.

Educational Scientist Ahmet Güneyli posted a statement on social media pointing out the problems in the North Cyprus education system.

Güneyli said “We don’t have our own high school curriculum”, noting that the Teachers’ Law remained as it was written in 1985.

He pointed to the lack of Special Education Law, “There are no basic units such as Educational Technologies, R& and Assessment-Evaluation at the heart of National Education. The doors of national education are closed to academics; Experience is essential, specialisation is unnecessary. We know these problems, I think there is no need to make it worse”.

Citing articles published in educational faculties he made the following list of problems:

  1. Students in Northern Cyprus are not happy in both basic and secondary education! The number of students who want to go to school or think that school is beneficial is decreasing day by day.
  2. We are trying to raise today’s children with the education approach of 40-50 years ago. The link between school and daily life has been severed.
  3. The outcomes of the education, in other words, the proficiency of the students we graduate in terms of knowledge and skills is quite demoralising. Students who graduate from college cannot speak English, those who graduate from vocational technical high schools do not have the necessary technical skills, those who graduate from fine arts do not have the desired qualifications, etc.

“While this depressing picture is evident, putting teachers’ rights on the agenda, or rather attacking teachers’ rights and ignoring chronic problems, will of course lead to mass teacher actions. It should not be forgotten that a single step cannot be taken in education despite the teacher…”.

Kibris Postasi

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