Chinese businessman plans building project in Yeni Iskele

A Chinese businessman who has visited the TRNC for holidays in the past, intends to make a large investment in the Yeni Iskele area.

Impressed with the area’s beauty, You Fei Ma who is the administrator of the Zhing Sai Developments Ltd will co-operate with Noyan Group investments which operates in the area. The Chinese businessman has already bought a 26 donum building plot in order to construct a 140 apartment and 52 duplex villas project. Despite the fact that the project has not been launched yet, completion of the build is expected within a year, ‘Halkin Sesi’ reports.

You Fei Ma visited the mayor of Yeni Iskel Hasan Sadikoglu and informed him about his plans. Sadikloglu stated that the project will benefit not only Yeni Iskele but the whole of the TRNC.

Halkin Sesi

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