Christofias plans to visit TRNC next year

Greek Cypriot President, Christofias, has announced his plans to visit North Cyprus when his term of office ends in February. He will be meeting Greek Cypriots who live in Dipkarpaz and Korucam.

Following the Turkish mainland’s rescue mission in 1974, the peninsula was cut off by Turkish troops, this prevented the town’s Greek-Cypriot inhabitants from moving to the South. As a result, with 250 Greek-Cypriot inhabitants, Dipkarpaz (Rizokarpaso) is the home of the largest Greek-speaking population in the North. Korucam (Kormakiti) is the only Maronite village left in North Cyprus. President Christofias will also be meeting with Turkish Cypriots whom he described as “progressive”.

He extended Christmas and New Year greetings to Maronites, Armenians and members of the Latin community.

Addressing the children from the enclaved area, who are continuing their high school education in the South, away from their families in the North, President Christofias hoped that next year the new president would invite them to the Presidential Palace. He hoped too, that the island would be reunited by then.

The President went on to say that, “we have tried to solve the Cyprus issue but unfortunately international circumstances and Turkish intransigence which has been upgraded lately, did not allow us to achieve this noble cause”.

“I hope and wish the next President of the Republic manages to do better”, he added.

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