Civil Servants’ pay delay

Following a report that civil servant salaries for the month of June were not paid on Friday June 28th as expected, the interim government issued a brief statement saying that there had been some technical difficulties which had delayed the payment. However there was no explanation as to what these difficulties were or indeed when payment would be made.

This morning there has been more information supplied to the press.

Apparently the delay in salary payments is directly linked to the late payment of the monthly funds transfer from Turkey. A member of parliament from the CTP party, Omer Kalyoncu revealed in a television programme yesterday, that the interim government had been asked by the Turkish Embassy in Nicosia if it would be following the economic programme agreed between Turkey and the last government. While this issue was being agreed, Turkey had withheld payments and salaries would now be paid on Monday July 1st.

Asked what would happen to the economic programme of 2013-2015, Mr Kalyoncu said that if his government came to power, they would be honouring the agreement with Turkey. He said “you cannot change agreements just because governments change”.

He did however point out that priorities may change.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sibel Siber met with the press to say that there was a meeting of the Council of Ministers at 10am on Monday. She said that she would be making a statement about why the salaries had been delayed and would be willing to answer any press questions at that time.




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