Clocks will not go back for winter time: Denktaş

The TRNC will not put its clocks back for winter time, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş has said.

After meeting with trade union representatives on Monday, Denktaş told reporters that Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün will be making the necessary announcement regarding public sector winter working hours in the coming days.

Stating that the trade unions are demanding that the TRNC should switch to winter hours, Denktaş said “this won’t be happening”.

He said that the Cyprus Turkish Secondary School Teachers’ Union-KTOEÖS had proposed holding a referendum on the issue but then abandoned the meeting after this suggestion was rejected.

We continued the meeting with the other trade union representatives”, Denktaş said.

Stating that an agreement has been reached with the public sector trade unions on winter working hours, Denktaş said that the Prime Minister had been informed of this and that Özgürgün would be making the necessary statements on working hours in the coming days.

The TRNC alongside Turkey had decided not to switch to daylight saving time last year on the grounds that the majority of commercial and other transactions were carried out with Turkey.


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