Close agreement on 4 four chapters in negotiations

Both sides in the Cyprus negotiations are said to be more confident because of progress achieved in four chapters in the talks.

Differences over governance, property, EU affairs and economy are manageable and can be bridged, diplomatic sources close to the negotiations told Cyprus Weekly.

There is a possibility of success in the negotiations, providing the community leaders work intensively to reach the same level of agreement on the thorniest aspects of the talks, which are territory and security and guarantees.

Sources say that despite appearances to the contrary, the Greek Cypriot side does not exclude the possibility of holding Dayton-style talks abroad, as suggested by President Akinci, to focus and complete negotiations on territory, property and guarantees. This is possible if the Greek Cypriots can envisage a successful outcome..

During the recent meetings, the two leaders have begun testing out ideas on territory and guarantees; early results look promising.

However, it is acknowledged by diplomats that the two leaders can only reach a certain point. It will be up to Turkey to make critical moves to secure a deal.

One advance would be that Turkey stops pressurising the TRNC government to grant, en masse, citizenship to Turkish mainlanders who live and work in the North. Turkey would also need to be willing to write off the debt mountain owed by the Turkish Cypriots and also permit the Greek and Turkish Cypriots to reach an equable agreement of territory and guarantees.

Cyprus Weekly

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