Coalition government does not reflect the people’s will: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci has said that the minority government did not reflect the will of the people, “The main force is the peoples’ will outside the Assembly. All the data and research reflects that,” he said.

Noting that Wednesday’s meeting between the two community leaders was to work on the road map for the next Cyprus conference, Akinci said they he will have three further meetings with President Anastasiades on 9th,16th and 23rd February. The negotiators will continue their meetings on a regular basis, he said.

Akinci said that he and President Anastasiades had asked the UN to hold talks with the guarantor powers in order for the Cyprus Conference to continue at the political level at the beginning of March. The talks could not continue indefinitely, he said. Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide is scheduled to have talks in Greece, Turkey and the UK.

Regarding criticism he had received on his conduct at the negotiations, Akinci said that he was working for a better future. He also reminded that he was voted into office with 60% of the votes.

The President also pointed out the map he presented in Geneva had been approved by Turkish Cypriot MPs including members of the UBP, CTP and TKP. The solution would be based on the 29+% as shown on the map, Akinci said.

There is as yet, no agreement on the map,” he said, noting that the aim, is to have the least possible population movement as possible.

No one will move an inch until they get a new house and a job,” said Akinci

President Akinci told reporters on Wednesday that the current negotiations would end, one way or another. They could be delayed as soon, the Greek Cypriots will be engaged in pre-election campaigns. Additionally, exploration for natural gas offshore the island would begin in the next few months. “There is a natural timeline, developments show that the issue will be completed with this process or they will remain pending until later, in 2018 at the earliest after the presidential elections in the south,” he said.

Akinci stressed that the Cyprus Conference is not only about security and guarantees, but a conference for Cyprus, meaning that security and guarantees would be discussed at the multinational meeting, while other issues would be discussed by the two leaders. The meeting in March would be five party.

The ball is in play and the pitch belongs to the Cypriots, all the other parties must act in good faith,” Akinci concluded.

Cyprus Weekly, Havadis,

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