Coalition government narrowly avoids major split

The fate of 366 temporary government employees and the unity of the coalition government was decided when a three person committee formed by coalition members reached an agreement.

Recent reports said that this issue had threaten to split the CTP-DP-UG coalition.

A new draft law is now waiting to go through parliament which will assess temporary government workers for suitability as permanent employees. Temporary workers will receive one month’s notice and will need to pass an exam. Successful candidates will be offered permanent employment if posts are available.

While the committee was in session, temporary workers and representatives of Kamu-Sen union held a demonstration outside parliament.

DP-UG leader, Serdar Denktas went outside to speak to the protesters and the press.

He told the press that his party had held no meeting with the UBP with a view to forming a new coalition in anticipation of a collapse of the government.

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