Coalition government unveils new programme

The coalition government of CTP and DP unveiled its programme in parliament yesterday.

The document runs to 50 pages and is highly ambitious in what it hopes to achieve. Highlights of some of the main points are shown below:

  • The coalition promises an increase in the quality of life for its citizens in every area.
  • Changes in the constitution will be made to modernise laws. These will be put to a referendum in the local elections scheduled for June 2014.
  •  Temporary civil servants will no longer be hired. In fact this post will be eliminated and any unlawful jobs so assigned will not be renewed.
  • Parliamentary immunity will be lifted.
  •  Ministers will be specifically charged with bringing their ministries in line with EU practices.
  •  Strategic entities such as KIBTEK for electricity and Telecommunications will be privatised.
  •  Feasibility studies will start on setting up a national airline.
  • A settlement to the Cyprus problem will be pursued but only on federal lines.

The whole programme will be debated by parliament on Monday September 9th. After that the law requires that it be put to a vote of confidence after 24 hours.

The coalition government will need a minimum of 26 votes to pass its programme. Between them, the two parties have 33 votes so this should be an easy passage.

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