Coalition testing the waters for radical political change

The forthcoming general elections will be very different from the previous ones, because “the coalition government partners have put forward an agenda”, which is related with the future of the country, writes ‘Havadis’ columnist Mehmet Moreket. He adds the following:

“Perhaps the majority of the community is not positive about such a radical change, perhaps the opposition does not even take it seriously, but it is being discussed. I wrote about this the day before yesterday as well, there is no decent reply from the opposition to the statements that ‘the negotiations have collapsed, we are not going to wait forever, [and] we must adopt a new model’. Silence prevails. There are only attacks against those who make these statements. Very well, if you think differently do you not have to explain your positions in a persuasive manner? I want to hear what the opposition thinks, its political and realistic counter-positions on the issue of the TRNC adopting another model, for example, unification with Turkey in various degrees. […] And I am sure that the people expect them to […] put forward their reasonable positions. In the end, a referendum for constitutional amendments will be put in front of us and we will not know what to do.

“Let no one come out and say ‘is it now known what we want?’ Do we not know what the supporters of the new model have been wanting for a long time? However, look, only these positions occupy the agenda. What we see in the newspapers is that every day a different government minister continues saying the same things. […]”

The columnist notes that yesterday it was economy minister Sunat Atun’s turn to say that they do not intend to wait forever “in the position of being unrecognised and condemned to negotiating” and that they are discussing “new models” with their motherland. According to the columnist, Atun also claimed that the TRNC will take its place in the world’s political literature with its own model, perhaps like Monaco or Gibraltar. Moreket notes the following:

“It is obvious that there is a testing of the waters. It is obvious that there is preparation. Meanwhile, it is definite that all actions of the government are in the direction of their target as regards the model. Even the fact that during the past few days similar voices are coming from certain circles outside the government is enough to show the dimension of the effort. Do we need such a change? What it will bring and what it will take away? Does it have a place in the international law? What is the people’s will? We have to discuss these questions.

Today is not a normal day. It is obvious that we are on the verge of a decision taking stage. […] It is for this reason that I say that the 2018 elections will be an election, which will shape not only the next five years of the TRNC but its future for a much longer term. […]”.


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