Coca Cola sidesteps trade embargoes in North

Coca-Cola has partnered a third-party supplier in North Cyprus in an attempt to bypass political obstacles in the region. Production began this month, the company has confirmed.

The soft drinks manufacturer said that due to the current political situation in north Cyprus, its official bottler and distributor Lanitis had not been in a position to sell or distribute its products in the region since 1974.

“We are not establishing a new bottler,” the Coca-Cola Co said. “This agreement does not affect or change anything in the current status of Lanitis operations in Cyprus. Lanitis holds the bottling and distribution rights to the whole island of Cyprus.

“This is an agreement with a third party that has existing beverage production facilities to produce our products, which were so far imported from Turkey. This will allow our beverages to be more widely available to the local residents.”

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