Special committee will scrutinise UBP debts and party funding

Ex-Prime Minister, Irsen Kucuk, who lost his both posts as UBP partly leader and Prime Minister, has launched a blistering attack on former UBP Finance Minister, Ersin Tatar (shown on right above).

Kucuk who lost both positions after the poor showing of his party in the last general elections, retired from political life and has been largely absent from the media until yesterday.

His emergence is due to the many rumours circulating around party funding for the last election.

These rumours claim that the UBP party spent more than TL2 million on the last two elections and clocked up TL1 million in debt.

In response, UBP members have set up a committee to investigate and have assigned Ersin Tatar as its head.

Kucuk feels that this was the wrong choice, saying that Tatar has a lot to answer for and that his political life was full of contradictions.

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