Common car insurance unlikely before Cyprob solution found

The Chairman of the Union of North Cyprus Insurance and Reassurance Companies Ulker Fahri has said that in addition to the opening of new border crossing points, a common car insurance is to be implemented.

He said, however, that he remained pessimistic that the common car insurance will be put into practice before a solution to the Cyprus problem is reached.

Fahri reminded that this proposal had been submitted to the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Interior and to Insurance Companies in the South when Eroglu was president.

Referring to the EU regulation which envisages that if someone takes out car insurance in an EU country, this insurance is valid in all EU countries, Fahri explained that the TRNC is excluded from that, since it is not an EU territory, and thus, it follows the procedures that cater for none EU countries.

Explaining that after Akinci’s election to the presidency, the issue of common insurance had come onto the agenda once again. Fahri said that the issue has not yet put forward for discussion and added that he considers that solving this issue is not possible until a solution to the Cyprus problem is found.

“I hope that a political solution on the Cyprus problem will be found the soonest possible. Only with peace in Cyprus we will be able to solve all these matters“, he added.


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