Community leaders ironed out many divergences: Akinci

President Akinci met with President Anastasiades on Friday. Speaking from the Presidential Palace afterwards, he said that they had discussed three topics during their three hour meeting.

“The federal police issue was one of the important topics discussed today. We discussed matters of policing in a federal state. As you are aware, there will be a joint federal police force. Under the federal police, a joint investigation committee and a joint research committee and similar bodies will be created”, Akinci said.

Similar committees and institutions will be jointly formed in the federation and regulatory bodies will be established. Some of these will be formed under federal authority and some will be formed by the founding states”, he said. Akinci added that they had also discussed the joint EU committee to be formed and the need for its efficient operation.

Although some differences remain, it is possible to say that we have bridged the gap on many issues”, said Akinci.

“The Greek Cypriot side must internalise the federal mentality. We can see from time to time that the Greek Cypriot side finds it difficult to acknowledge that we are establishing a federal state. This is not always the case, but it emerges now and then. We must overcome this in order to speed up the process”, said the President.

The two leaders will meet again on Monday.

“We have planned for ten meeting for October and once these have been concluded we will have a clearer table in front of us”, said Akinci.

President Anastasiades speaking after the Friday meeting, said that substantial convergences had been reached on the issues of effective participation and the decision-making process in various committees and organisations as well as their composition.

Some issues, which were passed on to the negotiators to iron out for a complete agreement, are likely to be examined during Sunday’s meeting.

BRTK, Cyprus Weekly

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