Concert Held in Support of Thalassemia Society

The Contemporary Music Association gave a concert for the benefit of the Thalassaemia Association.

A concert of Turkish Art Music titled “Bir Damla Şarkı” ( A drop of Song), dedicated to the memory of the musician, the late Mustafa Gürsoy, took place in Atatürk Culture and Convention Center (AKKM) at the Near East University (YDU) with the contributions from the Youth Office.

TRT Istanbul Radio sound artist Yahya Geylan and Turkish State Music Artist of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Canan Sezgin Geylan, took part in the concert under the supervision of conductor Ersin Tünay, President of Contemporary Music Association.

Chief Ersin Tünay said that thanks to everyone who came to the concert and gave support, such social responsibility projects would continue and Contemporary Music Association would always exist.

Tünay also thanked the singers Yahya Geylan and Canan Sezgin Geylan and the choir from Turkey.

Thalassaemia Association President Ahmet Varoğlu thanked Contemporary Music Association and Chairman Ersin Tünay for organising such an evening and gave plaques of appreciation to the contributors for organising the concert.

The proceeds from the concert will be donated to the Thalassaemia Society.

Kibris News Agency

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