Confusion as Turkey delays clock reset for elections

Turkey delayed setting back its clocks by one hour for two another two weeks. While Europe, the US and the TRNC had adjusted its clocks by 2am on Sunday.

Millions of Turks woke up confused as their computer, tablets and smartphones had automatically adjusted their clocks.

The Turkish government had postponed the time change for two weeks in order to ensure that there would be daylight for the opening hours of the vote in its general election.

Turkey’s Information and Communications Technologies Authority (BTK) issued a statement that citizens would need to manually adjust the time settings on their smartphones and other electronic devices in order to avoid confusion.

However, it is also confusing for Turkish Cypriots living in Cyprus as clocks in Cyprus are now one hour behind the mainland. Television programmes transmitted from Turkey are scheduled to show on ‘Turkey time’ which currently is an hour earlier for North Cyprus.

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