Congress held to map out Kyrenia’s future development

A 2 day congress aiming to draw a roadmap for the future of the Kyrenia and to seek ways of improving the city’s administration was held in the town, Bayrak television (online) reports.

Speaking during the opening session, the mayor of Kyrenia Nidai Gungor, said that he had vowed to run the town in a transparent, democratic and inclusive manner. He said that the congress aimed at preparing the infrastructure for this, adding that the congress will help determine the city’s problems and will shed light on which areas improvements are needed.

Minister of Public Works and Communications Hasan Tacoy said that Kyrenia with its developing surroundings, growing population and contribution to the country’s economy is an important town, adding that it is important to protect and maintain Kyrenia’s historical wealth and culture while ensuring healthy development.

Teberruken Ulucay, the Minister for the Interior said that they had launched work on preparing an Urban Development Plan for Kyrenia which is one of the fastest growing urban settlements on the island.

On her part, Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber, said that Kyrenia is one of the island’s most beautiful towns and that the congress is part of efforts to preserve this and to make it even more beautiful.

Delivering the closing speech, President Dervis Eroglu said that Kyrenia has undergone an immense transformation both in size and population since 1974. He said that he constantly reminds the Greek Cypriot administration at the negotiating table that Kyrenia is not the city it was 40 years ago when it had a population of only 4,000.

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