‘Conservative’ hotel to be constructed in Catalkoy

According to Turkish weekly ‘Ekonomist’, a conservative hotel catering for women who cover or veil themselves, due to their Islamic beliefs, is going to be built in Catalkoy.

It says that the hotel, which will have a 1,700-person bed capacity, will be constructed by Bulut Construction which is known for undertaking various projects both in Turkey and in the TRNC.

In statements to the Ekonomist magazine, Bulut Construction’s chairman, Temel Bulut said that the project will cost around 250 million dollars and added that the hotel will be built on a 40 donum plot which belongs to the company in Catalkoy village. It is planned to be completed in two years, he said.

Bulut also said that a conservative hotel does not exist in the TRNC and claimed that there was a serious demand for this kind of hotel which his firm will meet, noting that there is great potential for such hotels in North Cyprus.

Recently, Cloud Construction announced that it was selling 67 donums of land in Catalkoy in order to repay bank debts. The land was intended for housing and apparently Cloud has received deposits from prospective buyers.

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