Conservative MP’s demand return of Varosha

The UK House of Commons has unanimously endorsed a decision supporting the finding of a political solution to the Cyprus problem and the return of the fenced off city of Varosha/Maras to its legal owners. On Monday, Conservative MP David Burrowes led a debate in the UK House of Commons about supporting the Cyprus negotiations and demanding the return of Varosha.

It was stated that the decision was taken after a visit to Cyprus made by seven Conservative MPs headed by David Burrowes. The other MPs who participated in the visit were Matthew Offord, Sir David Amess, Sheryll Murray, Martin Vickers, Byron Davies and Chris Pincher. All members of the delegation, who are also members of the Conservative Friends of Cyprus, spoke at the House of Commons prior to the endorsement of the decision.

David Burrowes noted that the fact that the visit took place during a period of intensive negotiations showed their support and solidarity for a comprehensive solution. He expressed his satisfaction with the endorsement of the decision that was a “clear message aimed at supporting the whole of Cyprus” and “freedom and justice” for Varosha.

Kibris Gazetesi

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