Constant Power Cuts Reminder of The Bad Old Days

North Cyprus News - Power cutPeople living in North Cyprus have spoken about how the ongoing rash of power cuts throughout the country has impacted their daily lives, Yeniduzen reported.

Problems such as lack of heating, the inability to study or use any electronic devices and damage to electronic devices by power cuts are bringing people to the point of rebellion, Yeniduzen wrote.

The impact of power cuts experienced daily, sometimes several times a day, means no heating. Members of the public from young to old, from students to shopkeepers are struggling to manage power cuts which, they say, are reminiscent of the old days.

We can’t warm up, we can’t work, we suffer material damage with broken electronic devices…”, people have said.

Their greatest problem is keeping warm in the winter months. People are having to wrap up in blankets when the power is cut and are forced to go to bed early if the power cut is lengthy.

Another problem is that students are having difficulties studying during the exam period, some parents who have tried to support their child’s exam preparation by using the torch mode on their mobile phones commented that “we are back to the old days“. 

 The constant intermittent power supply through the night has damaged electrical equipment. One shopkeeper said that the erratic power supply at night had damaged a large refrigerator and a security camera.

State electricity authority Kib-Tek recently had to purchase electricity from the south because of fuel shortages. Kib-Tek is plagued by a great amount of debt, at times, has purchased poor quality diesel for its generators and machinery regularly breaking down.


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