Constitutional Court to decide on Turkish ‘coordination office’ law

The TRNC Constitutional Court is to decide on the legality of the Turkish Youth and Sports Coordination Office law, after it was referred by President Mustafa Akinci, following approval of the law by the assembly.

The Supreme Court session ended yesterday after the judges listened to the representations from all parties. It was decided that they will announce their ruling on 5th August at 11 am.

The law was approved a month ago with the votes of the National Unity Party and the Democratic Party but President Akinci said that some articles of the law go against the constitution.

The platform “Reddediyoruz”, (we are rejecting), which was formed in order to express TRNC youth reaction and rejection of the coordination office, organised a demonstration, in front of the assembly building protesting against the formation of the coordination office. The platform continued with its protest in the streets.

The law on the establishment of the Overseas Youth Coordination Office with Turkey, which was approved by the assembly and sent to the Presidency on the 14th of June, needs to be signed by the president and published in the official gazette in order to be implemented.

Kibris Gazetesi, Yeni Duzen




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