Construction industry decimating olive trees

There has been a dramatic decrease in the number of olive trees in the TRNC over the past four decades. In 1974, there were 1.5 million olive trees, this number has been reduced to 475,000 today. The main reason for this is because of the rapid expansion of house and other types of building.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, there were 74,235 olive trees in 2015 in Famagusta and this number fell to 46,115 in 2016.

The Yeni Iskele region has the biggest number of olive trees (181,550) however, the number of trees does not reflect oil production which is very low. In Guzelyurt, the number of trees is 62,820 but again oil production is also very low.

The quantity of olive oil produced locally is not enough for the needs of those living in North Cyprus and so the oil and its products are imported mainly from Turkey, Spain, Egypt and Malta.


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