Construction of New Central Prison on Schedule

The construction of the new prison at Minarelikoy, Nicosia district, is progressing rapidly. The project is targeted to be completed in the new year.

Constructed on 93 acres of land, the new prison has been designed to hold 500 adult males, 100 adult females, 65 juveniles and a 100-person open prison. It will include workshops, sports and social facilities. The whole prison complex will be under the surveillance of 1,000 CCTV cameras.

A total of 75 million Tl will be spent on the construction of the prison. TRNC building company Korman Construction Ltd. will receive 39 million TL as its share in the project and Turkey registered company Metro Engineering will receive 36 million Tl for their work on the building project.

Over 60 workers are employed on the construction of the new prison building.

Construction work began on 3 January. The deadline for the construction of the new prison is 500 working days.



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