Construction Workers Dancing with Death

Not one day passes when there is not an industrial accident in the TRNC.

Most of the workers who suffer death or injury are in the construction sector. In the last 11 months, seven workers have died. The vast majority of death or serious injury happens to construction workers.

According to statistics, 51 workers have died in industrial accidents between 2011 and 2017.

Year    Fatalities

2011    6

2012    4

2013    7

2014    6

2015    13

2016    8

2017    7

Construction workers still lack job security in the TRNC and employers do not take preventive measures. At the same time, there are not enough ministry officials to inspect work sites.

There are hundreds of building works going on in the country, and many construction workers work at meters high, without a helmet on their heads and without a safety harness. The attitude appear to be “nothing is going to happen to me”, whereas, in reality they are dancing with death.


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