Contract for agricultural irrigation project signed

Turkish Minister of Forestry and Water Works Veysel Eroglu, has told Ankara Anatolian News Agency, that the contract for the construction of a tunnel which will bring water from the Gecitkoy reservoir to irrigate the Mesaoria plain as well as the Guzelyurt area, has been signed.

“The 5.2km-long tunnel, which will cost an estimated 101 million Turkish Liras to complete, will carry the water from the Gecitkoy reservoir to Guzelyurt and the Mesaoria plain to be used for agricultural purposes”, Eroglu said.

Eroglu stated further that once the project is completed, the farmers will be earning an additional 700TL per acre of land farmed.

He added that the water will also be used to replenish underground water resources.

Stating that they were expecting to irrigate 75 thousand acres of land as part of the first stage of the project, Eroglu said that the “water transfer project which is wide-reaching, has solved the TRNC’s water problems”.


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