Ercan airport privatisation contract under investigation

The contract to privatise Ercan airport is currently under investigation, said Minister of Public Works and Communications Dr. Ismail Basarir, speaking on a program broadcast on BRT.

Sections of the contract are under particular scrutiny and an investigation into the tender in question was continuing, he said.

Dr Basarir emphasised that a comprehensive investigation was being conducted on the tender for the privatisation of Ercan, which was finalised with a comprehensive agreement.

 “An article in the agreement which prevents the establishment and operation of another airport for 25 years is wrong. Who knows what will happen in the country in 25 years. Perhaps we will solve the Cyprus problem. It is possible to open Gecitkale airport as a second alternative once necessary measures are taken, but the agreement prevents that from happening”, he noted.

The tender also fails to set up a schedule for the construction of the new airport facility, he added.

The minister also commented on the negligence of the ports of Famagusta and Kyrenia, as he stressed the need for creating an additional fund in the budget in order to meet the shortages.

He concluded by saying that ticket prices needed to be lowered to ease air and sea transportation to and from North Cyprus.

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