Contracts signed to build new prison

Contracts were signed between the TRNC and the Turkish Constructors Association yesterday to build a new prison

At a press conference held at the Interior Ministry yesterday, the Minister for the Interior Kutlu Evren said the new prison project, which had been on the agenda for the last 10 years, had finally come to a stage where it was becoming a reality as a result of the initiatives taken by the government and his ministry.

The total cost of the new prison building, which will have a closed prison with a capacity for 665 inmates and an open air prison with 100 inmate capacity, will be at an estimated 75 million TL.

Minister Evren also added that the Turkish Cypriot Building Contractors Association will assume the 39 million TL and the Turkish Constructors Association the 36 million TL of the project.

Explaining that the building was projected to be completed within about 16 months, he said the new prison will be built on land in Minareliköy.

Expressing the hope that the new prison project which will be a first to be realised as a result of cooperation between Turkey and the TRNC, will be a model for future projects, Evren thanked everyone who contributed to the project.


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