Corendon Tour Company pulling out of TRNC

Tour operating company Corendon, considered one of the most important international companies for bringing tourists to the TRNC, has announced that it has decided to suspend operations in the TRNC and close its North Cyprus destination.

Corendon which has brought a total of 22 thousand tourists to North Cyprus with charter flights from Belgium and mainly from the Netherlands, has cited bureaucratic obstacles as the reason it is pulling out of North Cyprus.

The company has also brought tourists to the TRNC for three or four high seasons from Poland, Denmark, Italy and Hungary. Corendon wanted to include the management of Jasmine Court Hotel in Kyrenia in its investment activities and hotel management.

According to ‘Havadis’, the company asked to rent the hotel and undertake the management of Jasmine Court, but due to several bureaucratic obstacles, this process failed and thus the company decided to suspend its entire operation in the TRNC.

The process began with the signing of an agreement with the management company of the hotel to hand over the management to Corendon for a period of 10 years. However, in spite of the fact that the officials of the company applied to all the relevant official government departments, that is the ministry of finance, the ministry of tourism, the embassy and tourist consultants, due to incomprehensible and unspecified reasons, the ministry of finance had reacted negatively and would not give the necessary permissions for the process to continue.

The situation caused financial loss and disappointment to the company which announced yesterday, the suspension of their activities in North Cyprus.

Commenting on the above development, Sahap Asikoglu, undersecretary of the ministry of tourism, described as very negative the withdrawal of the company from North Cyprus and said that this was a very important issue and should be sent to the Council of Ministers for discussion.

Stating that after this negative development they will unfortunately loose the markets of Belgium and the Netherlands, Asikoglu said that the policies and practices of the ministry of finance would lead tourism into bankruptcy.

Also commenting, the chairman of the Turkish Cypriot travel agent’s union Orhan Tolun has stated that the fact that the Corendon company has decided to suspend its operation in the TRNC is very negative and added that this would damage the country’s economy and tourism sector.

In addition, the chairman of the Turkish Cypriot hoteliers’ union Huseyin Aktig, said that all tourist operators are considered very important in the sector. He said that they are all responsible for the bureaucratic practices and stressed the need for efforts to be exerted in order to find a solution to this problem.


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