Corrupt Politics Alleged in Unverified Phone Call Recording

North Cyprus News - Halil Falyali - Casino Boss
[Murdered Casino Boss – Halil Falyalı]
Voice recordings allegedly belonging to Cemil Önal, who once handled murdered casino boss Halil Falyalı’s accounting affairs and who was arrested in the Netherlands as a “suspect” regarding the Falyalı murder in recent weeks, have emerged, Yeniduzen reports. 

Audio recordings containing the phone calls in question were shared online by Turkish journalist Cevheri Güven, who lives in Germany and has an arrest warrant for her membership of FETO in Turkey. 

The allegations made in the audio recordings of the phone calls allegedly belonging to Cemil Önal have created a stir in political circles.

Serious allegations were made regarding the contacts and meetings between the then Vice President of Turkey, Fuat Oktay, and the Falyalı group.

Yenidüzen attempted to contact the parties following allegations that Ersin Tatar and Alihan Pehlivan, while in in the Presidency, assisted in the meetings between the Falyalı family and Oktay.

It was claimed that Ersin Tatar and Alihan Pehlivan, were also involved in the alleged “meeting” arrangement, and both of whom have vigorously denied the allegations.

Journalist Güven claimed that the name in the audio recording she shared on social media was Cemil Önal, who once handled Halil Falyalı’s accounting affairs and was arrested in the Netherlands as a “suspect” in the Falyalı murder in recent weeks. While there is no clear evidence that the person in the audio recording is Cemil Önal, the content which included names related to Cyprus, attracted attention.

Güven said that Önal called people he trusted from the prison telephone and told them what he knew and had their voices recorded.

President Ersin Tatar said, “It’s a lie, I neither know nor think that Fuat (Oktay) Bey has attempted such a thing”, adding that he have instructed the police to investigate the records in question and that the necessary action would be initiated.

Meanwhile, Alihan Pehlivan said, “The man applied for asylum. He has a hearing on December 26. “That’s why this news is coming out. I worked with Halil Falyalı for about two years. Of course, I witnessed many things during this time. However, I have never heard of the bribery incident mentioned in the voice recordings until today“, he said.

Yeniduzen also contacted journalist Cevheri Güven, who published the audio recording containing the allegations and asked her about the accuracy of the audio recording. In response to questions about whether the voice recording could be faked or produced by artificial intelligence, Güven replied that, “Cemil Önal made these conversations from the prison phone in the Netherlands. The competent authorities in Cyprus or Turkey can contact the prison in the Netherlands and obtain the records of these conversations“. .


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