Cost Of Bread Up By 25 Percent By Monday

North Cyprus News - Bread Price increases to the consumer appear to be endless. Following a substantial hike in the cost of domestic bottled gas, the cost of bread will be increased by 25 percent, Yeniduzen reported on Friday.

Some bakeries will have increased bread prices by today and others will follow suit on Monday.

The head of the Bakers Union Ömer Çıralı said that bakeries will increase prices as of Friday, 4 November and others on Monday. The cost of a loaf of bread will rise from 3 to 4 TL. Sliced village bread and diet bread will increase from 9.50 to 10 TL, he said.

Meanwhile tobacco prices have increased by between 1.50 and 3 TL.

As of yesterday, an increase of 1.50 TL and 3 TL was made to Old Holborn tobacco on sale.


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