Cost of Living Rose by Nearly Ten Percent in June

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Tuesday, 5 July 2022

The cost of living in North Cyprus rose by 9.54 percent in June, according to the Institute of Statistics, Yeniduzen reported.

Since December 2021, the cost of living has risen by 56.76 percent and by 110.42 percent compared to June 2021.

Compared to May 2022, the cost of transportation rose by 21.68 percent. Hotel and restaurant costs rose by 15.28 percent, goods and service costs by 7.79 percent. Clothing and shoes costs rose by 7.33 percent compared to May, while the cost of furniture and home appliances rose by 6.79 percent.

Housing, water, electricity, gas and other domestic fuels rose by 5.89 percent in June compared to the previous month. Food and non-alcoholic beverages rose by 4.94 percent. Telecom costs increased by 4.30 percent, education by 3.98 percent, health by 3.13 percent and alcoholic beverages and tobacco increased by 0.07 percent.


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