Cost of water to local councils announced

The wholesale price of water supplied by Turkey has been set at 2.30TL per tonne, the Minister of Agriculture Nazim Cavusoglu announced.

However, it is not known yet how much consumers will pay the local councils for water.

At a press conference, Cavusoglu said that work to begin distributing the water to the public was underway.

The price of 2.30TL per tonne at which the water will be purchased by the municipalities emerged following talks with our Turkish counterparts. We plan to start supplying this water to areas where the infrastructure is complete and connected to the main pipeline as soon as possible. That includes Lefkoşa, Gonyeli and Lapta”, he said.

Cavusoglu also stated that the price agreed upon was acceptable to the government.

We would like everyone to know that the initial price requested by the Turkish officials was much higher. Bargaining started at 6.63TL and we were able to drop the price to 2.30TL”, he added.


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