Council Of Ministers full speed ahead

PM Sibel Siber met the press to outline the latest decisions made by her Council of Ministers yesterday.

a)      She has asked the Attorney General to review a number of land transactions made by the previous government. The PM says that land was transferred out of state control around the Karmi area by the previous government and she wants to know why. There are no problems with leasing out state land says the PM, but this must be done in an open and transparent manner.

b)      A further 83 foreigners were given permission to purchase real estate. Once these purchases are formalised at the Tapu office they will generate TL 3 million of income for the government. Combined with the 100 approvals agreed by the Council of Ministers, this will bring in a total of TL 7.5 million to the government.

c)       Disabled people and pensioners over the age of 65 will have free entrance to museums and historical sites.

d)      Finally there will be an intensive analysis of the decisions made by the previous government’s  council of ministers. During the last week of its existence, this council passed 550 resolutions. The legality of these will be examined.

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