Council On Infectious Diseases Meets At Noon

North Cyprus News - Supreme Council on Infectious DiseasesThe Supreme Council on Infectious Diseases will convene again at noon today to reassess the national situation, bearing in mind that case numbers of Covid-19 are increasing.  

 Due to the increasing number of local Covid-19 cases across the country, the last decision made by the council was to lockdown Kyrenia from January 28 to February 10, and Nicosia from January 28 to February 3, as infection rates in those two cities were the highest.

Following a mass exodus of people from Kyrenia and Nicosia in an attempt to avoid lockdown, further risking the spread of the virus, it was then decided to lockdown Famagusta, Güzelyurt, İskele and Lefke from January 29, until February 3.

Within the framework of the decision, businesses and their suppliers were open in all districts, which were serving basic needs such as pharmacies, petrol stations, bakeries, butchers, markets.

However, travel between all districts was stopped, and this decision will be reevaluated by the council today.

Most face to face education in all pre-school and primary and secondary education in public and private schools has been suspended until February 10, and education will continue online. Kindergartens and special education centres have been exempted from this practise.

At this time, funerals can be held with the participation of first-degree relatives only, while people who live in North Cyprus and cross to the south to work are subject to quarantine pending any new rulings.


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