Council workers hold referendum. Update: Rejected

There was yet another tense meeting yesterday afternoon between Nicosia Council and BES, the union representing council employees.

This morning BES took the bold step of declaring a referendum for its members on the Council’s latest offers. It also said that if its members were in favour of the offers, then the BES board of directors would resign en-masse. BES will notify its members of the referendum decision later today.

The BES management rejected all offers made by Nicosia council yesterday and are holding out for full acceptance of their demands, including guarantees of no redundancies, a 13th month salary and full back payment of national insurance and pension contributions.

The union is hoping that its members will hold out for these demands with the aim of giving them an even stronger hand in future negotiations.

Update: The Council Workers Union – BES have withdrawn the referendum. BES union leaders met with their members early this afternoon and put forward their referendum plan. However the union members turned down the referendum proposal saying that it was not needed and that their struggle should continue.

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