Councils divided on price of water from Turkey

Mayor of North Nicosia Mehmet Harmanci, has said that he maintains the view that water of high quality should always be available to the people and that he will continue struggling for this.

In a statement yesterday, Harmanci referred to the fact that North Nicosia’s municipal council rejected buying the water from Turkey for 2.30 Turkish liras (TL) and expressed the view that it is wrong to correlate the use of the water during this transitional period with the approval of the agreement which will create a monopoly for a private company in the water sector.

Harmanci recalled that two members of the municipal council from the Social Democracy Party (TDP) and one from the New Cyprus Party (YKP) voted no because they think that the use of the water during this transitional period would be tantamount to the beginning of the privatisation.

He noted that eight members of the municipal council from the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) voted no because the price is too high, but other municipal councils unanimously approved this price and six mayors who belong to the CTP decided to buy the water for 2.30 TL.

According to Turkish Cypriot daily Halkin Sesi, Nazim Cavusoglu, Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, said yesterday that ten municipalities have signed the protocol on the water issue and eight municipalities have decided in favour of the agreement, but have not signed it yet.

Ortam, Halkin Sesi

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