Councils overstaffed and in arrears

Some Council facts:

The numbers shown below speak for themselves and amply demonstrate the fix the various councils are in.

2006: 435 staff

2013: 1000 staff (and rising)

This doubling of staff (many placed for political reasons) in councils has obviously led to increased salaries and placed most councils in a weak financial position with large debts.

Nicosia Council for example had staff expenses of just short of TL 42 million in 2012. This is the largest of the 28 councils in the TRNC and also has the largest debts. Its current debts are TL 90 million in total. Just over half of these are bank debts (TL 48 million), TL 22 million in amounts owing to the social security fund and a further TL15 million in unpaid taxes.

Total council debts are TL 142 million.

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