Councils taking advantage by hiking water bills

Not all districts in the TRNC are getting their water from Turkey, however, citizens are paying for the price for water piped from Turkey, despite getting water supplied from their usual local source, Kudret Özersay, Chairman of People’s Party (HP) has said.

It was unjust, he said, that some villages could not access the imported water but still paid the price for it.

Some municipalities are trying to use their water and water price increases to cover their debts and fiscal deficits at the expense of citizens who have more expensive water bill payments,” he said, asserting that some municipalities are trying to use this transition period for their own advantage.

Ozersay was visiting the villagers of Sadrazamköy, Kayalar and Yıldırım and listened to the problems of the citizens and to their suggestions for solutions.

Kibris Postasi

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