Court Confirms Public Rights to Free Beach Access

A recent ruling by the Kyrenia District Court has confirmed that the public have a constitutional right to access beaches free of charge.

Legal action was taken by activist Nazen Şansal of the Baraka Cultural Centre and member of the Independence Path Yusuf Özgü Sertel on behalf of eight campaigners who were refused free access to the Cratos Hotel’s beach in Çatalköy in July 2015.

The court ruling follows legal challenges made by lawyers, Özgü Özkül Özyiğit and Ahmet Said Sayın in 2014, regarding refusal of free entry to Escape, Kervanseray and Denizkizi beaches.

The Kyrenia Court confirmed that the public had the right to access the beaches free of charge unless use was made of private services and facilities.

Cyprus Today

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