Covid-19 Boosters Available to All Aged 12+

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Saturday, 12 November 2022

The age limit for receiving a Covid-19 booster vaccine has been lifted, the Ministry of Health announced, Yeniduzen reports.

As of Monday, 14 November anyone aged 12 and over can have their Covid-19 booster vaccination at health centres and hospitals listed below.

To be eligible for a booster dose, you must have received at least two doses of the BioNTech vaccines.

Those who had had only a single BioNTech vaccine will not be considered fully vaccinated and must complete their course. Anyone who has had four doses of the BioNTech vaccination does not need a booster dose.

There must be at least three months elapsed after receiving the previous dose.

People who have never been vaccinated and have had Covid-19

According to the statement, which is noted that people who have never been vaccinated and have had Covid-19, should start the BioNTech vaccine as if they were being vaccinated for the first time after the 3rd month of their illness.

Recommended booster doses for 12 years and older

The Ministry of Health shared the following information for booster doses for people over the age of 12:

Unvaccinated: BioNTech 1st and 2nd doses (topping up) at least 3 weeks apart. 1st dose follow up after at least 3 months, 2nd dose booster (BA4-BA5) at least 3 months later.

Person who has had 1 BioNTech: 1 dose of BioNTech (completion) after at least 3 weeks; 1st and 2nd reminder dose should be given 3 months apart

Person who had 2 BioNTech: 1. BioNTech booster dose at least 3 months later 2. BioNTech booster dose

Person who had 3 BioNTech: 1 BioNTech booster dose after at least 3 months

Four BioNTech: No booster dose needed

Vaccinated person with Covid -19: 1 BioNTech booster dose 3 months after illness

Unvaccinated person who has had Covid -19: 1st and 2nd BioNTech 3 months after the disease (completion with an interval of 3 weeks)

Vaccination health centres and hospitals service hours

The health centres and hospitals and their opening hours where the BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine booster dose can be obtained are as follows:

Esentepe Health Centre Weekdays 8:00-14:00

Serdarlı Health Centre Weekdays 08:30-12:30

Değirmenlik Health Centre Weekdays 08:30-12:30

Iskele Health Centre Monday 08:00-14:00

Guzelyurt Health Centre Weekdays 08:30-12:30

Akdogan Health Centre Weekdays 08:30-12:30

Maras Health Centre Weekdays 09:00-12:00

Lapta Health Centre Weekdays 08:30-12:30

Çamlıbel Health Centre Weekdays 08:30-12:30

Mehmetçik Health Centre Weekdays 09:00-12:00

Yenierenköy Health Centre Weekdays 08:30-12:30

Trenyolu Health Centre Weekdays 08:30-12:30

Dikmen Health Centre Weekdays 08:30-12:30

Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital Weekdays 08:30-12:00

Famagusta State Hospital Weekdays 08:30-12:30

Girne Akçiçek Hospital Weekdays 08:30-12:00

Cengiz Topel Hospital Weekdays 08:30-12:00


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