Covid-19 Risk Categories by Countries Revised

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Inspecting PCR Test Certificate

The government has revised its categories of countries according to a risk assessment for Covid-19 made on 22 September.

The new list of categories comes into force at 23.59 on 25 September.

According to the new amendments made, countries such as Estonia, Norway and Canada that belonged to category A were moved to category B, while Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Monaco, Hungary and Slovenia moved from category B to category C. In addition, Serbia moves from category C to B, and Australia to A.

In addition, anyone wishing to enter North Cyprus from the south from category A countries and holding a negative PCR test taken in the last 72 hours, will be able to travel to the TRNC without quarantine.

Category  A 

Finland, South Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, New Zealand, Thailand and Australia.

Category B

Ireland, Iceland, Japan, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, Vatican, San Marino, Rwanda, Uruguay, China, Singapore, Turkey, Greece, UK, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Germany, Slovenia, Germany Norway, Canada, Serbia, Taiwan.

Category C

 USA, Brazil, Argentina, Montenegro, Portugal, Luxembourg, Romania, India, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Mexico, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Algeria, Morocco, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Malta, Croatia, Netherlands, Andorra, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Ukraine, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Monaco, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovenia, Slovenia and Slovenia.

For persons arriving in North Cyprus through Turkey from category A countries, the regulations applicable to category B will apply.

People Who Regularly Transit to Southern Cyprus

For people who work in southern Cyprus or who are receiving tuition, health treatment or for any other reason, a PCR test should be performed for the first time only and they will be able to come and go to and from southern Cyprus. However, these individuals may undergo random sampling. At the same time, for people living permanently in southern Cyprus, they will be able to enter North Cyprus after performing a one-off  negative PCR test.


Turkish Cypriot nationals residing in Pyla, the same arrangement applies as before,

Diplomatic Staff, SBA, UN, EU 

For staff working on diplomatic missions in Cyprus, such as the UN, the EU, British Bases and other international organizations, and wishing to go to the TRNC, a negative PCR test result should be produced for the first time only and in these individuals random sampling may be performed

QR Code

Additionally, for passengers traveling to North Cyprus through Turkey, it is mandatory for the negative results of their PCR test to bear a QR code.

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