Crime rate in TRNC increasing

Criminal cases coming to court in 2012 were up over 70% over 2010 at nearly 47,000.

President of the Supreme Court, Newar Nolan gave his annual report yesterday. He said that there had been 46,915 criminal cases in 2012 and that 36,031 of these had been concluded. This represented an increase of 39% on 2011 and 73% on 2010.

There were a lot of bank debt cases, he added and these were adding a heavy burden to the legal system. That fact indicated that we were not living according to our means.

Mr Nolan said that penalties for certain offences should be increased but that there should also be more deterrence measures and that this was the responsibility of the police. He said that there was a general outcry about lawlessness but that this could not only be dealt with in court.

There are eight Supreme Court judges in the TRNC and a total of 35 judges. 655 cases have been brought to the Supreme Court and 456 had been dealt with. However, there some 881 pending cases and Mr Nolan does not see this number reducing, given the new cases coming in.

Turning to civil cases, Mr Nolan said that were 17,539 in 2012, an increase of 17% on 2011.

Mr Nolan questioned why cases took so long to conclude, saying that they moved at the speed of a tortoise. However given the workload on the legal system, this is understandable. Nevertheless, he is unhappy with the situation; though he realises that even increasing the number of judges tenfold, it would take time to erode the growing mountain of cases.


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