Crooks attempt to flee to TRNC foiled

A security van driver and his accomplice, having stolen TL 2 million in cash from the van were arrested in Mersin, Turkey.

The money was stolen in Konya and the arrests were made in Mersin where the two men were hoping to flee to the TRNC.

Police teams from the Konya fraud squad were quickly on the scene when the security van was found abandoned in the Sille Parsana neighbourhood of Konya.

They analysed nearly all security cameras covering the area as well as exits from the town, some 50 in total. House to house inquiries were also made to determine the escape route of the gang.

Hasan C (30) and Mehmet D (27) were observed leaving the scene. Hasan was seen to swap rental cars three times in an attempt to hide his trail.

However they were both tracked down to Mersin where they were found and arrested by Mersin police. The money was found with them, although there was TL 65,000 missing. They had apparently used this amount to pay off outstanding debts.

The two men were caught some 23 hours after the robbery in Mersin where they had hoped to lie low until police activity had died down before crossing over to the TRNC.

Both men will appear in court later this week.

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