Cross dressing burglar arrested

Okay Ozturk is a repeat offender for theft and has been wanted by police for a long time.

Police state that he has robbed cash and goods from six different stores in Famagusta.

The 35 year old Ozturk finally ran out of luck when he was observed stealing at the Vegetable and Fruit Basket store on security cameras. He was identified and arrested.

One reason it took a while to identify Ozturk is that he was wearing women’s clothes and a headscarf during a number of his robberies including the last one. Hard to believe but this burly man managed to carry off the disguise.

His list of burglaries is almost endless. It has now been established that apart from the six burglaries committed in Famagusta this year, Ozturk was also responsible for six other burglaries in Kyrenia last year.

The women’s clothes he used as a disguise were found in the rubbish bin of a nearby shop.

As the stolen money and goods were found on him, Ozturk confessed to his crimes and will be attending Famagusta Criminal Court today.

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