Crossing to North Cyprus Via Pyla a One-Way Trip

Cyprus News - Border Checkpoints - Closed 2 (1)Following an office statement published by South Cyprus on June 21, only Cypriots and residents of the ‘Republic of Cyprus’ can cross the borders from south to north.

Reportedly EU citizens may cross into North Cyprus but they cannot return to the south if they are not residents (of the south)

The same restriction applies to EU citizens resident in the TRNC.

It was also reported that it is permitted to cross to the north via the bi-communal village of Pyla which is located in the UN Buffer Zone.

British bases spokesman Jan Kemal said: “Yes, we allow people to cross to the north if they want to.

We inform them that we won’t allow them back to the south but that if they want to continue on their way we have no problem with it.”

Asked to comment on the situation, the European Commission in Brussels  confirmed that they were informed by the ‘RoC government’ about the restrictions and answered: “Temporary controls or restrictions at borders may only be used in exceptional circumstances to respond to situations seriously affecting public policy or internal security and, as a last resort measure. They should last only as long as the extraordinary circumstances persist.

The commission is monitoring the restrictions very closely.”

The authorities in the TRNC have protested to the EU against the restrictions, pointing out at the action taken by the south Cyprus authorities is in breach of the Green Line regulation. Politicians in North Cyprus have accused the south of deliberately stopping tourists from entering the TRNC in an attempt to undermine tourism in North Cyprus.

Cyprus Mail, LGC News

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